About The Institute

Ideal Institute of Management and Technology was established in the year 1999, under the aegis of “New Millennium Education Society” for the development of education in the legal, managerial and information technology field. The institute is a NAAC accredited institution situated in the vicinity of Karkardooma Institutional Area, Delhi. The aim of the institute is not only to impart education but also to ensure that it fulfils the needs of the society, which in turn will help in meeting the demands of the nation. The institute throughout the years has produced judicial officers, civil servants, academicians, lawyers working with highly reputed law firms, industries and advocates and managerial professionals. From a very modest start, the institute has now acquired a commendable position as premier Institute in imparting education for BBA, BBA (CAM) and B.A.LL.B. programmes offered by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.


About Our Founding Father

“If we could have one lifetime wish, one dream that would come true, we would wish all our hearts for yesterday and you.”

Shri Rakesh Aggarwal was a great industrialist, educationalist, social worker and a poet. He was a great philanthropist, visionary, co-operative colleague, kind- hearted employer and a perfectionist. He was an inspiration to the youth and a firm believer that ideas and words can change the whole world. In order to evolve a new educational approach, he established the Ideal Institute of management and technology in year 1999. With the firm goal of imparting education to the society, the purpose for which the divine almighty had sent him. His objective was not only limited to the establishment of institutes, being a man with multi-dimensional personality, he left a mark in the socio-cultural dimensions as well. He believed that academic excellence and professional learning should co-exist with the holistic development of a person. Our founding father inspires us by his works done during his lifetime for this society at large.



Mrs. Sudha Aggarwal


“A successful person needs to be a responsible citizen as well and a responsible citizen is the one who is well aware about the laws and policy making of his country.”

Youth Parliament plays a key role in nurturing young minds to understand the procedure of making of law and policy and to inculcate the leadership skills and empowering them to be the leaders. It is a holistic learning which introduces in the students the understanding of the very essence of democracy. 

I welcome you all to participate and experience the synergistic event and wish all the best to the organizing team of URJAA-The Battle of Words. 


Mr. Vineet Aggarwal


An educational institution aims at teaching students not just to live but to reason and analyze Life. Aristotle said ‘The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet’. We at Ideal Institute of Management and Technology are working really hard and inching towards that goal where ‘Life will be sweet’. We believe in imparting value-based education to all its students. Empowerment of each student at all levels by meeting the intellectual, spiritual and emotional needs of the students what we strive for. Today the benchmark of success for a college lies well beyond grades and best scores into the domain of leadership and life skills learnt by its students. We understand this and have trained our students to regard ‘failure as a detour and not a dead end, a delay, not a defeat’.

We all get inspired by the burning desire for success and appreciation. A great man overcomes a thousand obstacles and win in spite of a thousand repulsed and defeats. “Knowledge is power” as it is greatly known, it is a person’s greatest and most prized possessions. Nothing beats practical knowledge that comes by experience. Youth Parliamentarians, practice your skills and get ready for the battle of words!

All the very best!


Prof. (Dr.) Anil Parkash Sharma


“Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate.”

Knowledge multiplies when it is discussed, debated and deliberated upon. At the youth parliament we encourage the budding leaders to put forward their opinions and discussions. At our institute we encourage professional, intellectual and personal development that helps an individual to think out of the box. Education in Law at Ideal Institute of Management and Technology surely fosters professional, intellectual and personal development that helps an individual to think in an innovative and creative manner. In the era of globalization and worldwide mega integration, competition has become global complexity where the power of knowledge will be the only tool of survival.

Best wishes to all!



Ideal Institute of Management and Technology vision is to prepare the students as conscientious, competent and public spirited legal professionals suitable and responsive to contemporary challenges and the requirements of the society as well as to make use of legal education as a tool for development of responsible legal professionals, an instrument of social transformation, an organ of justice dissemination and also a rewarding career option for the students. 

I am pleased to acknowledge that Ideal Institute of Management and Technology lays its stress not just on academic excellence but on “character formation with academic excellence”. It motivates students to “always aim high. Ideal Institute of Management and Technology has been successfully producing efficient and smart lawyers for the last 20 years. 

I feel extreme pleased to announce that Ideal Institute of Management and Technology is organizing URJAA ‘The Battle of Words’ Youth Conclave 2019 on 18th and 19th October, 2019. The Youth Parliament Competition aims at acquainting the young generation with the practice and procedures of Parliament, techniques of discussion and debate; developing leadership qualities, spirit of self-discipline, tolerance of diverse opinions and healthy competition; inculcating among youth the art and skill of effective oratory, righteous expression of views and other virtues of a democratic way of life in them— all of which are the hallmark of a democracy.

We are excited and look forward to another amazing year!


Prof. (Dr.) T.P.S Rathore



From Principal’s Desk

Dear Students,

“There's no better way of exercising the imagination than the study of law. No poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth.” 

- Jean Giraudoux

Ideal Institute of Management and Technology envisions contribution of students towards betterment of the society and its legal system. This prestigious institute optimizes the future of students and bestows glory imagining and hoping them to be excellent lawyers. The institute understands the importance of careers, future of the students and the nation, and the influential skills they carry within themselves. 

The Institute without failure, has successfully conducted Youth parliament for past few years and is ready with the 4th Edition of “URJAA-The Battle of Words”. 

Youth Parliament is a great platform that offers mock parliament to the interested youth to have them acquainted with the rules and procedures of Parliament, to let them opine in front of experienced moderators upon agendas and topics of national importance, to keep in touch with the polity reality and the state of our nation. It’s a thrilling and very educating experience in my opinion. 

My best compliments to the future leaders!